About TeeHC

Welcome to Tee’s Heavenly Concoctions — a Black, Queer and disabled owned small business!

TeeHC specializes in CBD infusions: cannaoil, cannabutter, canahoney, pain salves, pain creams, cannabrownies, cannacookies to assist with the temporary relief of chronic pain, Crohn's, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, PMDD and other illnesses.

TeeHC is owned and operated by Black, disabled and Queer comic book writer Tee Franklin. Franklin was left permanently disabled and in constant chronic pain after a car accident rendered her unable to walk without the use of mobility aids. She wanted to help other disabled people find relief after initially smoking her first joint in January of 2020. Her pain had been a steady nine out of ten for six years until five minutes after a few pulls brought her pain to a six/seven.

In July of 2020, Franklin created TeeHC to help pay for her rent during the pandemic, as all of her income disappeared. It was only supposed to be for a few days, but 3 weeks later and I’m not slowing down or stopping. When orders started making it to their destination, her customers noticed that the CBD infused concoctions helped their ailments and they wanted more! 

I had to migrate from only selling via Twitter and create an online store! I’m grateful to every last one of you who has spread the word, liked, retweeted, and ordered CBD edibles. 

TeeHC’s motto is, “Let go and fly high.” and that’s is exactly how you’ll feel while enjoying Tee’s Heavenly Concoctions!